General information about Proptech Finland

We are building a PropTech community which will help Finnish startups to scale up and integrate into the global proptech ecosystem 

The mission of PropTech Finland is to unite the Finnish built environment startup community and to actively start and grow more businesses within the Finnish built environment industry. Scale Finnish property tech startups to global markets and help them operate in the global ecosystem.

The Team

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PropTech Finland co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Mikael is a passionate digital business professional with a good perspective on different business models and diverse experience in different sectors


Global PropTech cooperation
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PropTech Finland co-founder, Hannu is a proptech entrepreneur and an active member of the global proptech community


Global events

Based in Oulu, Jarmo collaborates closely with proptech startups to help them scale their businesses internationally. He has extensive experience in digital transformation, having played multiple roles in the digitalization of the built environment.


Expert Northern Finland
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Congrid's Marketing Manager Taru is inspired by digital transformation in the construction industry towards collaboration and continuous learning. The future of construction depends on talented people who have the courage to think differently and have the passion to drive the industry forward.


Board member