PropTech Finland startup map updated!

It took a while, but now it is done: an updated PropTech Finland startup map 2020 is released!

We have received two dozens of responses in our form and double-checked all the companies we had on the map last year. We have also updated our segmentation to different stages of the business cycle – Plan&Build, Manage&Operate, Invest&Market – and put consulting companies in the separate segment.

We included 151 startups on PropTech map 2020. A little more than half of them (51%) offer solutions in Manage&Operate segment, some 34% are building solutions in Plan&Build segment and 11% are in Invest&Market segment. 

Plan&Build segment is dominated by solutions for the construction industry, offering tools for every step of the process, from collaboration platforms to visualization and document flow. 

An interesting observation from this year’s update is the structure of Manage&Operate segment: almost a third of startups (29.8%) are building IoT solutions and the majority of them are based in Oulu. Another 27% are developing smart energy / HVAC solution.

Market places are dominating Invest&Market segment, offering platforms for all types of transactions, from selling residential real estate to workplace rental.

PropTech Finland team is grateful for all the support received from the community in this project. Thank you guys and have a great summer!

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