Press release: Platform of Trust joins PropTech Finland to take startups one step closer to growth and new business opportunities

PropTech Finland and Platform of Trust partner up to boost cooperation between startups in the build environment, raise awareness of data harmonization benefits and help startups to find new business opportunities in the sector.

June, 17th, Helsinki, Finland – PropTech Finland and Platform of Trust partner up to boost cooperation between startups in the build environment. Platform of Trust, a supporting member of PropTech Finland, provides information about its customers’ challenges and access to its data platform for PropTech Finland startups to create smarter solutions and new business opportunities with harmonized data. The partners will organize a series of educational events/webinars this fall. 

Hundreds of startups in Finland are developing innovative solutions for real estate and construction, accelerating the digitalization process in the industry. At the same time, each new solution creates more data and more data formats, which slows down its adoption and implementation by corporate players. More often than not big corporate clients are looking for easy-to-adapt innovations, fully compatible and solving multiple problems. Platform of Trust helps to identify these needs of corporate clients and brings together the clients, the data sources and the startups to create solutions based on harmonized and interoperable data, thus creating a great developer experience and tools to shorten the time-to-market for the end products. 

“PropTech Finland’s mission is to unite Finnish built environment startup community and to kick start more close cooperation between different stakeholders both within the country and internationally”, says Mikael Långström, Chairman of the Board, PropTech Finland ry. “We have seen multiple cases of how cooperation with other startups benefits both the startups and the client. And we believe that working together is the best way to achieve sustainable growth and really innovate”.

“Ecosystem business models are one of the most trending and interesting models how companies of all size could collaborate and generate more new business opportunities. Being part of Proptech Finland’s startup network is crucial for us in order to help our customers in the real estate and construction industries to innovate new services and gain competitive advantage from harmonized data”, says Toni Luhti, CEO, Platform of Trust

On September, 22nd PropTech Finland and Platform of Trust will organize the first joint webinar about Platform of Trust capabilities: “Ask Me Anything with Platform of Trust CEO Toni Luhti”. Registration will open in August.

About PropTech Finland

PropTech Finland ry is a non-profit organization created to build a network around real estate and construction innovation in Finland, unite Finnish ProptTech startup community and help Finnish PropTech startups and scaleup companies grow internationally.  

MEDIA CONTACT: Tasha Tolmacheva, Co-founder,

About Platform of Trust

Platform of Trust harmonizes incompatible data coming from various sources, enabling it to be merged and utilized. Platform reduces the need for integration significantly which does not only save time and money but reduces time-to-market span for services built on our platform. The harmonized data can be used to create smarter services and more comprehensive analyses that lead to better decision-making and new business opportunities. 

MEDIA CONTACT: Pirkko Laitinen, Chief Marketing Officer,

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