From our members: Matolog Makes Concrete Talk! introduced a new patented measurement technology suitable to deliver different types of sensors, such as road icing, mould growth, concrete maturity, flooding and so on…

This technology is a result of 4 years of extensive R&D in different areas: materials, radio design, electronics and sensing. 
One of the most important use-case for the invented technology is monitoring of concrete: we manufacture and sell real-time, disposable concrete maturity sensors, that help construction companies to build 20% faster, save money, increase quality and significantly reduce casting time.

Our team put a lot of efforts to make this sensor approved and certified by an independent 3rd party.
Our sensor enables construction companies to perform “just in time” concrete form removal by providing information on when concrete is already hard enough. It also report a maturity curve information in real-time to indicate concrete strength development.
MatoCURE provides reliable information about concrete humidity for up to 100%, surviving water condensation and harsh environment to enable “just in time” painting and coating.

On top of this MatoCURE provide a valuable information about concrete curing and predict cracks in concrete to prevent them.
It is also important that MatoCURE sensors are completely remote and maintenace-free. There is no need to go around construction site and read each individual sensor. The sensors are connected directly to the cloud and able to penetrate significant amount of concrete.

Information supplied by the sensor is used by construction companies to shorter cycle time, optimising concrete mix, detect temperature anomalies, collect compliance data and so on. We are working with top construction and concrete manufacturer companies in the world to bring new technology to the construction sites.
MatoCURE technology is proven by multiple live deployments in different construction sites: water towers, bridges, stadiums, schools.

Sensor is in production use by several notable construction companies in Nordics.

Mato Engineering is seeking for partners and customers to support mutual business growth.
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