Boost your customer journey with Ziggu

4 tips – 7 best practices

Think about the last time you had a really great experience as a customer. Do you remember how you felt right after? Now do the same for the last time you had a poor experience as a customer. 

Positive customer experiences are essential to the success of your business because a happy homebuyer will spread the word about your top-notch service. Unhappy customers are even more likely to spill the beans, unfortunately not in a good way…

Below you can find best practices from other property developers who’ve been using Ziggu.

1 – Level up with video

Video is the future. Video works.

Many survey reports state video content is revolutionizing marketing, but customer advisors can definitely tune into this conversation. On Ziggu we see some property developers have already discovered the power of video.

Best practice:

  • Impress with news updates. Time-lapse videos or a quick walkthrough of the construction site are perfect to show how much progress you’ve been making. 💪
  • Video support is quick, personal and simple. Some customer advisors are using free tools like Loom & Vidyard to record their screen (and themselves). These video’s can be extremely helpful when you want to suggest changes on a plan or highlight a specific action on the platform

2 – Humanize

To avoid falling behind your competitors in this fast-moving world, it’s critical you are able to humanize the customer experience. Going digital is not the same as going cold. 😉 Use your customer portal to blow some soul into the project.

Best practices:

  • Showing homebuyers who’s involved in the project, on or behind the scene, is key to kick off the story of their new home. Why not introduce them to the team with a weekly ‘meet the team’ series?  
  • When you buy a house, you’re also choosing the neighborhood you’ll be part of. Introduce customers to hotspots in the area. Maybe there’s an excellent bakery around the corner or simply a peaceful walking trail.

3 – Listen and learn

Customers hold a ton of secret knowledge about your company and its processes. If you listen carefully they’ll tell you exactly how to improve the customer journey. On Ziggu you can find the listening tool ‘Surveys’. By asking customers poignant questions, you can collect the feedback you need to grow and improve. 🚀

Best practices:

  • Post the same question at the beginning, middle and end of a project. You’ll be able to observe exactly how customer satisfaction evolves. 
  • Create surveys (e.g. suppliers) about partners as well. This way you can find out who’s contributing to customer satisfaction and who’s not.

4 – Drive up efficiency

With Ziggu homebuyers have all information in one place. In itself that’s quite the efficiency hack, but why stop there?

Best practice:

  • You might have especially busy customers who are always on their phone. Suggest to install a shortlink on their smartphone. You can send along this article. Ziggu works on all devices so the same goes for tablets. 
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