PropTech Finland startup map 2021 is published!

Despite all the challenges we have faced in 2020, the proptech scene in Finland has grown by 10% in the number of companies. We have included 166 startups in our map this year.

Same as in 2020, most companies are developing solutions for managing and operating properties, 

And here are our newly-discovered gems, just founded or not being on our radar before:

Founded in 2020 by a team of three engineers passionate about the environment, technology, and design  is on a mission to improve energy efficiency in buildings to reach CO2 neutrality in the sector. 

Another company started in 2020, Swaipper is  a Tinder for real estate, for those who want to fall in love and find a home in a new way.

Since 2019, Sopia matches rental apartments and tenants with an efficient algorithm. They make the best match and turn renting an apartment into fast, simple and cost-effective process for both landlords and tenants.

Founded in 2018, Avaa Solutions is a property management platform for efficient building data management and collaboration.

An all-new concept combining the best of both worlds – apartments where boutique hotel meets authentic home – Bob W. is bringing hotel-like quality standards and scalable, ecologically mindful operations to the world of short-stay rentals since 2018.

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