FROM OUR MEMBERS: Meet award-winning R8 Technologies, a member of PropTech Finland in ‘High Life’, the official flight magazine of British Airways

R8 Technologies, the member of PropTech Finland is in the frontline of supporting the commercial real estate industry fighting the global ESG and operational efficiency challenges. R8 Technologies has developed one of the most successful Artificial Intelligence based tool in the world, R8 Digital Operator that takes premium class commercial buildings’ technical management to the next generation by ensuring the highest indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency without any additional hardware nor investment.

R8 Technologies is expanding and looking for new locations and projects to support the commercial real estate industry with their ESG and operational efficiency challenges.

R8 Technologies was announced as the winner of the GREAT Tech for Change category in the Tech Rocketship Awards, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT)’s the first-ever European version of its start-ups’ program. This year over 600 perspective your technology companies all over Europe started in the program till the winners were announced.

As one of the outputs of the award, R8 Technologies has been one of the few young technology companies to have reached the columns of the official in-flight magazine of British Airways High Life. R8 Technologies has reached new heights!

Siim Täkker, CEO of R8 Technologies: “Of course, using such a very rare output is a great success for us. This is primarily due to our plans to become an even more international company than we already are today. Reliability is always important, and without a doubt, such recognition sends a clear signal to our potential partners that R8 Technologies has come to stay and grow.”

Conor McGurk, DIT Europe Regional Director: “Brilliant to see the Europe #TechRocketshipAwards featured in the latest edition of British Airways High Life magazine. It has been great working with British Airways as Travel Partner for the competition and we are delighted that they rewarded our finalists with flights to the UK for London Tech Week and an additional 50,000 Avios to support their growth and expansion into the UK.”

R8 Technologies (R8tech)

R8 Technologies is active in 18 different countries across the EU, including Finland, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Netherlands etc. Company’s HQ is located in Tallinn, Estonia – the „Silicon Valley“ of Europe. Among the clients are WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Radisson BLU, EfTEN Capital and others. R8 Digital Operator is operating over 900.000 sqm of commercial buildings today, and the area is growing. Our average energy savings rate is 15-20% with a better indoor climate and it does not require any additional hardware installations nor dashboard! Over 15.000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced due to R8tech for today.

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