Top Finnish Startups and Scaleups

PropTech companies have had some significant success in recent years. But, especially if you look at the real estate landscape in Finland, you will see that the top PropTech companies could generate more funding.

Historically, Finnish PropTech companies have struggled to find long-term investors, so they are forced to seek help from international investors. These investors understand the value of technological solutions in the real estate business. So much so that in 2020,, a PropTech company, secured a record funding worth more than €100 million. But unfortunately, this is the only example of a PropTech acquiring huge funding. Other than that, no other company has received such funding so far.

Generally, it is much easier for smaller companies to acquire business funding in Finland. That’s why the average funding for PropTech companies is around €40 million. These investments are A-round and smaller seed investments.

The smaller PropTech companies in Finland are doing reasonably well. Many scaleups and new startups have burst onto the scene in recent times. In this post, we will look at 15 of the most successful startups and scaleups in 2021.

Top PropTech Startups

Here is a look at the top startups and scaleups that have been the most successful in Finland in 2021.


Haltian provides end-to-end solutions to improve employee well-being and happiness. It’s one of the most renowned connected device providers, offering a service named Thingsee. This service offers modular, scalable, and agnostic solutions to customers with multiple partners’ built-in capabilities.

The partner services include:

  • Visitor Counting
  • Indoor pathfinding
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Occupancy Monitoring

The Emphatic building solution from Haltian is taking the customers by storm, making it easier for them to:

  • Arrange meetings with colleagues
  • Find vacant spaces
  • Give tenants the channel to share instant feedback about their living space facilities


Enevo provides technological solutions for waste management. It’s a progressive company that uses its own patented technology based on IoT. It offers an IoT tech suite to the customers, which helps reduce costs related to waste management.

The IoT suite is a work of more than eight years that helps the companies to:

  • Provide data-driven services
  • Reduce waste management cost
  • Reduce landfills
  • Enhance sustainability

Enevo is a classic example of a tech startup in the sustainability sector. It features sensor technologies that detect container fill levels. But, more importantly, these solutions are low-maintenance and highly efficient.


IISY focuses on improving indoor air quality for the users. It’s typically designed for large buildings. The idea is to promote cost-efficient buildings while promoting air quality for a healthier indoor environment. As a result, the buildings will have:

  • Better ventilation and flow of fresher air
  • A cost-effective technological solution to optimize air quality

IISY also ensures optimized building maintenance to ensure that their valuable assets stay safe and sound.


Chaos is an architecture agency, but it also ventures into Urban forecasting. It specializes in working with non-traditional and traditional data on how they can be combined to develop a dynamic real-estate platform.

Some of the features that make Chaos a great PropTech solution include:

  • Millions of data points to work with
  • Ease of use

Because Chaos gives companies a chance to develop new insights, it’s a lot of fun for the users to generate innovative ideas. It helps them with better decision-making in the real estate industry.


GBuilder is a home building solution that provides builders, developers, and customers with a common platform. The idea is to help the involved parties during:

  • Building configurations
  • Sales and after-sales periods

The company enhances collaboration among the parties, especially for material configuration and defect management. Thanks to tech-oriented solutions, JBuilder is changing how customers manage the configuration aspect of construction.

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics is a tech company that promotes sustainable construction with automation and robotics. It uses concrete 3D printing technology to build sustainable and eco-friendly structures.

Thanks to comprehensive academic research spanning more than eight years, Hyperion Robotics has successfully implemented 3D structures in Finland. It has a team of researchers and individuals with immense experience in architecture, industrial projects, construction, and 3D Printing.

Thanks to a robotic system that creates reinforced structures, the company has a tailor-made solution. These structures provide apparent benefits such as:

  • Cheaper construction cost
  • Quicker project completion
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly buildings


Cubicasa is a company that makes applications for interior design. The idea allows the customers to design their floor plans on their phones.

As a result, Cubicasa can help real estate sellers and agents to acquire interior data, which helps them with:

  • Better indexing
  • Easy searching for preferred floor plans
  • Quick sorting based on interior features

It’s an international company having customers all over the world. So, it’s not just a Finnish company by any means. In 2021, Cubicasa was acquired by Clear Capital, but it still operates as an independent company.


Bitwards is a tech company that builds mobile access solutions. The company brings forth a unique idea of keyless buildings. The aim is to design cost-efficient and easy-to-use access management systems while ensuring comprehensive security.

The solutions from Bitwards are tech-oriented, and the platform is suitable for different markets and applications. It’s a versatile mobile technology that aims to break the barriers of conventional access. Moreover, these solutions are scalable, making Bitwards one of Finland’s finest tech companies. is a revolutionary service that focuses on shopping centers. It has a game-changing solution up its sleeve for shopping mall managers. It provides solutions and tools for:

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Collaboration between owners and tenants
  • Monetizing spaces for advertisers

More importantly, lets the consumers connect seamlessly to make the most of the shopping mall business. Thanks to its innovative solutions, is considered among the Red Herring Top 100 companies as a leading private technology firm. automates the buying and selling process for real estate game players. It’s a PropTech startup and one of the leading iBuyer companies in Europe. It allows the apartment owners to receive instant offers, making it easier for the customers to sell and buy real estate. is a unique solution in the real estate world majorly because:

  • It features AI-powered solutions 
  • It redefines real estate property sales
  • It provides instant offers to the involved parties
  • It offers temporary housing options


Assetti offers innovative solutions for asset management. In addition, the proptech company provides innovative digital solutions allowing the owners to manage their assets efficiently.

Currently, Assetti has more than 600 users. Considering that it’s just a beginner in the real estate market, it is quickly grabbing everyone’s attention, especially those involved with investment management.

The Assestti software provides essential property-related data to the users, which helps them to:

  • Gather crucial information about their assets
  • Understand portfolios
  • Analyze properties and leases

It’s a great alternative to manual data entry and seamlessly integrates with the current asset management systems.


Congrid helps construction businesses with costing, so it helps the companies to enhance their profitability by ensuring smoother business processes.

It offers solutions for project managers to manage construction-related data efficiently. So, there are fewer chances of errors and miscommunication. As a result, it enhances the accuracy of companies, reducing management delays.

Ultimately, it enhances the quality and productivity of the companies, saves time, and ensures better safety for the users.

Skenario Labs

Skenario Labs is a company that provides SaaS using open data and scientific tools. The idea is to derive relevant information that can help builders design the most eco-friendly structures. Generally, it focuses on variables such as

  • Energy efficiency
  • Climate effects
  • Cost effects

More importantly, it focuses on the impacts and future impacts of the proposed solutions. The best thing about this solution is that it’s globally applicable. Furthermore, it combines urban planning with technology, so some highly innovative solutions are offered.


Builderhead is a construction management software. It helps owners, contractors, and builders during the project construction by providing essential data related to the project. It helps them to complete the projects on time within the allocated budget.

The service can remarkably increase work efficiency because everything is automated. As a result, customers can save on construction costs. More importantly, Builderhead offers solutions for:

  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Collaboration between the parties
  • Phase gate task management
  • Scheduling
  • Automation

It also supports third-party plugins making it easier to integrate different existing solutions into your system.


720° is a software solution that focuses on indoor environment quality monitoring. It upholds higher health standards to provide a better working and living environment for people. Although, it mainly targets organizations to achieve better working environments.

It has some renowned customers featuring some top tech companies like Nokia, IBM, GF Healthcare, Danske Bank, etc.

With innovative solutions and a broader target market, 720° is quickly capturing health, facilities, and other needs.


The rise of funding for tech companies in Finland is excellent for the real estate industry. These technological solutions will help both buyers and sellers and give a new definition of how real estate matters are conducted across Finland.

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